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Learn With Me!

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." -Albert Einstein

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My Philosophy


Singing has brought immeasurable joy to my life, and has been extremely therapeutic. My love of performance is only rivaled by my love of helping others learn to find and develop their voices and musical toolbox. I believe that singing, in addition to being joyful and beautiful, also helps us conquer our fears and insecurities and build deeper connections with ourselves and our communities. 


I believe that the voice naturally knows how to sing beautifully and freely, but that we layer on tensions, worries and habits that can hinder its proper functioning. Have you ever heard a small child wail or sing? Their voices have such dexterity, freedom and power. I seek to remove bad habits by peeling the layers of tension away and building strong breath support. 


Everyone learns and responds differently, so I tailor my teaching style to each student's individual needs. Some need specific, technical instruction rooted in an understanding of the anatomy and acoustics of the voice, while others respond more to visualizations and suggestions of feelings or abstract emotions.

To me, learning and understanding the language of music is an essential component of playing any instrument, including the voice. It unlocks the door to playing or appreciating any music, and I consider it a worthwhile life skill. For this reason I not only incorporate music theory into my voice lessons, but also offer a separate class in the subject. 

Voice Lessons

(With beginning musicianship for singers)


I am passionate about teaching voice, and offer private or group lessons by appointment in New York City or online.  I currently run an independent studio, but  have previously been affiliated with The Neighborhood Play House Acting Conservatory (as a recommended voice instructor).

I have experience working with all ages and voice types, and believe that good basic bel canto vocal technique serves as the proper foundation for any style of singing. My students may bring in any song they wish to sing, regardless of genre.

My own singing background is diverse (classical, rock/pop, Musical Theater, Folk), so I feel comfortable navigating many genres with my students.


I have a home studio in Park Slope, Brooklyn and also offer lessons in other locations (including your home) upon request.

Musicianship Classes

(Music Theory with beginning keyboard & sight singing skills)

Why musicianship classes?

It unlocks the ability to read, understand, play and compose music, regardless of instrument. 


This skill will allow you or your child to pick up and understand any instrument much more easily if and when desired.

Why learn musicianship outside of instrumental lessons? 

  • Independent music theory instruction allows faster, more comprehensive, more complete learning of the subject to take place.

  • Students can learn to understand and sight read music without the struggle of mastering a new instrument at the same time.

  • Learning music theory also allows a musician to compose more easily and effectively!

Musicianship for singers

Many choirs and vocal programs teach by ear, leaving a gap in young singers' knowledge. Learning music theory will allow singers to sightread, compose and will provide an introduction to the keyboard.

"Christine has everything you could wish for in a voice teacher. She has a great understanding of how the voice works and truly has a passion to teach others, always finding ways to help you achieve specific adjustments. Christine has an exquisite ear, she is reliable in her communication and her commitments to her students, and she happens to be a delightful human too! I'm thrilled to recommend her."

Roderick F, NY

Adult student, professional actor

"Christine has an energy that uplifts you, and fills you with confidence. She attended my culminating high school senior project, an NPR inspired "Tiny Desk Concert," and sat proudly while singing along to the words of our songs. Her ambition is infectious; I attended her Off-Brand Opera Show and was filled with inspiration and excitement.


My parents raised me to find joy in learning, from the arts to mathematics to linguistics. Christine makes it easy for students to discover this joy as we navigate genres from opera to broadway, using vocal techniques that have a way of sticking in your mind (i.e. making “spooky ‘o’s with the lips” to practice depth and vibrato). 


As Christine demonstrates to her students how to ambitiously work towards your dreams, I can say with my heart that I am proud to be part of her journey. She not only gets to know you on a vocal level, but a personal one - our chai date in downtown New York was a day to remember!"

Isabella O, NY

High School Student

Pricing and scholarship information

One hour private lesson: $65

1/2 hour private lesson: $35

One hour group lesson (minimum enrollment of 2): $35

Scholarships and sliding scale rates available for qualifying students. Please inquire via email about eligibility.

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